What are the important features that distinguish Plingua from other plagiarism detectors?

 Plingua plagiarism detection technology, which enables comparison of documents online, now helps to produce original content and enables the uncovering of plagiarized studies.

 Plingua is scanning digital resources to get accurate results and prepare original content.

 At the point where the copied words are detected, they are separated from other plagiarism programs that serve only in the Plingua area, which has its own unique working system.

 Plingua.com, with its own unique algorithm, is working to give the most comprehensive result to its members and users.

 At the same time Plingua.com, where matching resources are identified, reveals plagiarized resources and all resources can be viewed by users.

 Plingua.com, which has very detailed scans at the point of control of online content, scans all universal content and allows scanning on every language.


These features are differentiated from many plagiarism detection programs and universalize the service area. With Plingua's intelligent algorithm, it's the easiest way to get perfect, unique content!