Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can access the documents in Plingua?

No documents uploaded to the Plingua plagiarism control software will be placed on public internet sites or anywhere. Nobody can provide access to your documents for as long as you do not share your plagiarism reports.

2. My document analysis is taking a long time, do I need to reload the file?

The duration of the analysis of your documents varies depending on the length, nature and specificity of your document. In Plingua, document analysis takes about 1-15 minutes on average. However, this may take longer when the servers are busy. We recommend that you try again in the next time if you face such situations.

3. How can I get plagiarism report?

You can view your plagiarism report from your user panel immediately after completing your plagiarism analysis. You can also download your plagiarism report in PDF format.

4. Will my personal data be available anywhere?

Your personal data is never transferred to any person or organization. It is only found on the Plingua database.

5. Can third parties upload their own documents directly?

Business and education users can add unlimited number of users. You can manage this process in the licenses section of the Plingua user panel.