Plingua provides you with a detailed report on the status of uniqueness by scanning all printed and written sources. All you write is;
- Theses,
- Articles,
- Homeworks,
- Presentations,
It can be controlled by Plingua.

Plingua is an online service offered to you. Thanks to Plingua, you can conveniently deliver your homework, thesis and other documents. You can check and correct before delivery. Plingua, which students can use as a single user, will form a solid step in their academic career. In short, Plingua makes your job easier with more, saving you time and money. You can start exploring the world of Plingua immediately by login!

We are writing more and more content every day in our country and in the world. A great majority of these writings are made up of students' homework and academic research. Inspection of the documents produced by the students leads to the increase of the quality of the documents and the emergence of original works. Plingua provides plagiarism testing that allow students to reliably check their homework before delivering it.