Plingua Mini - 50


You can check 5.000 words (avaregly 20 pages) with 50 credits.

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You can check 15.000 words (avaregly 60 pages) with 150 credits.

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Plingua Popüler - 300


You can check 30.000 words (avaregly 120 pages) with 300 credits.

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Plingua Optimal - 1000


You can check 100.000 words (avaregly 400 pages) with 1000 credits.

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How to buy Plingua product package? offers many product packages that you can buy for yourself. You can buy the package that fits your needs online.

How to check documents with Plingua?

If you buy a package, you can upload your documents through your membership panel and perform checks.

How does Plingua charge pricing and calculation? rate calculation is calculated by word count. It spends 1 credit for each 100 words.

Which is the best package for me?

You can purchase the most appropriate package for the files you will check in the packages listed below. The following packages also provide information on how many pages you can control on average.

I can not decide, do I need help?

You can contact us via the contact form on our contact page. Our customer representatives will contact you as soon as possible.