It is to be a plagiarism software that is aware of the needs and expectations of everyone who writes, produces the most appropriate solutions by using the right tools to them and serves customer satisfaction and ethical values.


Plingua aims to get ahead of existing other software used. Plingua is aiming that being as a stepping stone in the creation of original works by serving universities and students.

About Us

As a project of Kaya ÇELEBİ starting with 2014, Plingua aims to serve the creation of original works in Turkey and other countries, especially in the academic field. The lack of an indigenous plagiarism software in Turkey constitutes the idea of Plingua's emergence and is based on the idea that the development of quality together with the increase in quality will open up.

It was developed to protect online work in a transparent and efficient way. Plingua provides authors and academics with the possibility to produce and control original content. Today, awareness related to the theft of ideas is quite low, so Plingua will be an effective tool to prevent plagiarism and to produce original content.

Plingua is based on the idea that education should be productive and unique. The development of original content provides students with creative writing skills, a successful career, and the ability to think critically. Plingua serves you as a research and development benefit online software that should be used by everyone who writes and reads.